Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Has the PAP succeeded? or over-succeeded? - part 2

It has taken the People's Action Party (PAP) over five decades to build up Singapore to where it is today...
Mistakes were made along the way, but like all humans who make them, they have ensured that every last drop of energy is directed towards learning from past mistakes to prevent repeats, to rectify them...
Do remember that under their guidance (and with the support of the non-aligned civil services, and more importantly the citizens who had the faith and belief), the nation has progressed further than all others in the region. Furthermore, in a short span of a few decades, we have achieved a lot of positive international recognition...

video: [part TWO]


Anonymous said...

Hi Hong,

It's me again. I am really glad you are bold enough to state your beliefs and convictions in such a manner. I really enjoyed it as I agree with what you are saying and it really reflects how I feel inside,the anguish, the sadness and anger.

Here is a piece written by someone who basically is trying to say what you are saying. Spare some time to look at it if you have not done so.!/notes/moh-hon-meng/in-defence-of-the-pap/223151944364478

You are obviously intelligent, articulate and have your heart in the right place.

I understand that you do not give a damn how others perceive you. It is you and thats how you express what you feel and belief in. To me who agree with you, it is a totally enjoyable video.

However,in this day and age,your video is not going to be seen by those who agree with you only but by those who are sitting on the fence and those who totally do not see eye to eye with you.

If people only vote with their mind, then there should not be much of an issue. However, in reality, many people vote with their emotion. Even if they know they are wrong, they hate it when it is rammed down their throats and the more they will act otherwise. It is a tough nut to crack.

I hope you know where I am coming from. This is just my personal opinion.

Looking forward to part 4 if there is one.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, you are more vulgar in this video.

PAP has a plan for Singapore?
You bragged about Singapore's past glory, like what all PAP members always do. Yes, in the past decades or rather in the early days when LKY and senior PAP members without forefathers did well for Singapore; sadly, not so in the last 10 years with newer PAP members. PAP also did not tell us their plan for Singapore although they did made various baseless claims. Singaporeans have lost confidence in those promises after their bad experience with unfulfilled promises made by PAP during the last GE in 2006.

Comparing Singapore with 3rd world?
Why compare Singapore with 3rd world's poverty when it is already a developed country? If you still wish to make that comparison, then you should also compare what the 3rd world nation’s government are being paid. You might say, like what PAP members used to say, that corruption will entailed if PAP are paid less than private CEOs or we can't attract highly educated Singaporeans to serve the country. If for that reason PAP ministers become the highest paid ministers in the world, what's the difference between PAP ministers and the 'corrupted' ministers in other countries? The only difference is PAP did it in broad daylight, while others did it under the table. Furthermore, we will attract the wrong group of people who serve because of high pay. We can't compare apple with orange. Salary comparisons are always pegged with similar jobs and responsibly.

Disasters in the world
You are right that natural disasters in the world can't be avoided whoever is the government and changing government won't stop those disasters. Singapore is a blessed country with very little such disasters, not the doing of PAP but perhaps we should thank God (whatever faith you may have) that we have inherited this best located country. Today, Singaporeans are not complaining about natural disasters but mistakes that PAP government made over the past years, mistakes they could have prevented. PAP ministers in charge of those departments were not held accountable, instead given pay rise and bonuses. Why?

Oppositions need to make their claims?
So does PAP. Till now, we do not have any idea what PAP can do for Singaporeans and how they are going to do it.

Singapore is a small boat?
Oh yes, a small boat does not need highly paid boatmen.

PAP will help you when you need?
You said, "Go to them and they will help you out". Oh yes, by giving 2 tablets more for the medication needed? That's what happen to someone I knew. She was diagnosed with cancer and need to be on daily medication for at least the next 5 years. The medication cost her $360 for 28 tablets (to be taken daily). That means she has to pay $4,693 per year just for the medication alone. When she asked if she could get any discount for the tablets as senior citizen (she and her husband are retirees). The nurse told her that she could only give her 2 tablets extra with the same price. So that's how PAP helped?

You are bias in their belief, but that's your entitlement. Hope your part 3 video would be more balanced in your views and all vulgarity removed. Thanks for sharing.

A Singaporean

Anonymous said...

Correction: "Yes, in the past decades or rather in the early days when LKY and senior PAP members, with our forefathers did well for Singapore;

A Singaporean