Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Beauty of religion (SENSITIVE POST)

The Greatest Weakness stems from the Weakest Greatness humans have indoctrinated themselves to believe. From issues ranging from political ideology, to zealous religious faiths, and from inter-human relationships to the paranoia of possessive ownership, the human mind offers both the cause and effect explanation for justification.

The creation of things on earth draws both religious belief and empirical scientific proof into a never ending debate, a feud that could never end, notwithstanding the extinction of this self-annihilating species, commonly known to us ‘homo sapiens’.

Religion and beliefs offer many similar traits, the preaching of positive and good deeds versus those with evil intent. However, over the centuries, various cultures, traditions and practices (in certain areas, malpractices) develop their individually localized strands of these beliefs, thus creating a consistently polarizing world. These differences offer the greatest rift between men.
While this may seem controversial, it is in my opinion that human weakness accounts for the imagination of religions. This imagination and recreation of what was reality turned into myth and legend is more than purely a way of human control, but also the excuse needed for human survival. Human survival does not purely stem from the necessity of procreation, but also from the simple basic desire for knowledge. When that knowledge could not be satisfied with naturally accepted reality, then the power of imagination comes into play. Great Moses parted a sea, enlightenment occurred under a Bodi tree, and while some gods chose jackals for heads, others preferred elephants. I love religion, because all religions preach good things, and while there are those that choose to denounce others and maintain a staunch belief in their own, I offer my humble three words: “frogs in wells”.

I am not lost, at least I do not deem myself lost. I deem myself rational and pragmatic, while some may argue, I beg to differ. Firstly, religion is a faith and belief a person chooses, preferably based upon personal preferences. These preferences differ between individuals, and should be respected, however, a parent’s belief in his or her child, and the faith they put into their child(ren) shares many similar traits. Secondly, religion preaches the positive, be that of good deeds or charity. The fundamentals of Catholicism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism etc all share those qualities; these religions condemn looting and theft, adultery and innocent killings. Are nations’ judiciary laws not based upon similar grounds?

I am mere mortal. By saying that, I am acknowledging my personal belief in higher beings. I am not contradicting myself, because hope, faith and belief permits continuity, and without continuity, humans as a race would have ceased to exist eons ago. But then again, do we not kill ourselves with vices, wars over territory, ideology and religion?

Regardless of our skin colour, language and location, we all look different. Regardless of religion, beliefs and traditions, we are all different. Our differences make us individually special, accept it, adapt to it and embrace it.

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