Sunday, December 16, 2007

finding the beginning, the priority...

We have all heard that saying referring to some pot of gold at the end of some rainbow. Stop searching, it is non-existent. What we all need to focus on, is reaching deep into our souls in search of that tiny nano spot where it all began.

I was recently reading my past blog-entires, and realized a peculiar trend; I tend to get from concrete to vague and from substantial to abstract. Bear with me, try to look in-between those lines of abstract and seemingly nonsensical words, and interpret for yourself what you deem I mean, and what you decipher from it. I offer no solutions, as I am still learning, I offer no right nor wrong because that line is thin and grey, and finally, I offer no substance, because like all things in life, tangibility is time-defined.

We have our dark secrets, we have our shameful lies, and no one is spared. Religion offers little relief for non-believers, while believers tend to be shrouded with zealous half-truths, at the end of the day, yet another man-controlling scheme. Recently, I’ve been trying to further grasp a better understanding for religion, and found myself increasingly appreciating the religions of Islam and Buddhism, and to some extent, Taoism. Rationality among the major reasons to why I perceive them as humanely feasible, however, much more in-depth study is required before I could elaborate my studies and understanding on one of the most volatile issue that has shaped our histories, our present, and also our futures.

On a different note, the increase in Sino-Japanese relations has given me great hope for a stronger pan-Asian unity. In light of the 70th anniversary to the Nanjing massacre incident, a Memorial Hall was reopened in Nanjing, and I quote Xu Zhonglin, a provincial Communist Party chief, who commented on the re-opening of the Memorial Hall by saying: Its purpose is "to better preserve history... to never forget the past... to treasure peace and open the way to the future". Europe has entered an era of plausible co-prosperity among each other, so why hasn’t East Asian nations been able to do so? Some question American involvement, but hasn’t American involvement in Europe aid in their present state? Others question ideological difference between Democracy and Communism, but is China not achieving a greater balance in relation to controlled growth and development? Thousands died and sacrificed their lives at the Tiananmen Incident of 1984, are they not martyrs of China? The rise of Asia is inevitable, unless stupidity, ignorance and negative interference occurs. One must always remember that the pendulum swings two ways.

To better understand the root to causes could result in better policy formulation, ideas, adaptability and evolution. To have finally understood the reasons to a rainbow’s causation is to be able to dissolve the myth of gold, to be able to comprehend and appreciate the history of things could nonetheless permit greater positive growth.

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