Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Climate Change

A short video discussing our contemporary climate-crisis


Anonymous said...

i hope more people will be aware of global warming.

llen said...

u might want to consider having more eye contact with camera while you r reading your scripts? Might make ur videos more convincing like you are telling it to ur friend, rather sounding like reading from something. =)
good blog.

Hong said...

hi y'all! thanks for the comments!

'Anonymous': it is without a doubt a losing battle. my personal take, (if i were to use the generic term of the 'human race'), is that nothing would be done till it is either too late, or when it is 'close' to too late.


'LLen': tips & advice taken! much appreciated!

llen said...

I guess that is just humans?? we will only start to react when something really happen n try to admend rather then having the practise to take precautions.

Hong said...


unfortunate as it is, you speak the truth. We could only do our part by being responsible.