Sunday, May 18, 2008

language, accent, and all things said

This video is in response to some who comment on my choice of accents used in videos of my blog. This short clip argues that "while accents shape the facade and image we portray, nothing is more important than one's ability to communicate". And because certain accents are restricted to a small group of people or region, my choice of accent in the videos is aimed at broadening the view-ability and understand-ability.

All comments are greatly appreciated!
(Thanks Mr.Pang, for your insightful comment!)

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fallen angel said...

That vid. was good! lol, I guess your cosmopolitian lifestyle, the experiences of living life in many different countries(for an extended period of time) and the mingling with all layers of people in society has added to your rather flexible changing of accents to the various situations that you find yourself in.

The only flaw in this vid. is that your change in accent in an everyday scenario is more natural than this purposeful illustration.

Beyond the rhetoric and your 'zai' oratory ability, your defence is actually good. lol.

I was rather uncomfortable when you changed your accent for the first time during our beijing trip. However, slowly, I got to understand the rationale behind it(not because of this vid. of cos). But, the key thing with this flexi changes must be the fact that you need to heighten your sensitivity to the effects that your changes of accent will bring to those around you who are familiar and comfortable with you speaking in one accent rather than the other. That's because not everyone has the same experiences as you are and may not comprehend why you are doing this.

Lastly, the switch from writing to speaking is much appreciated! lol, be wary of the effects of framing though. Be natural! :p