Friday, April 25, 2008

the disease...

The current anti-China movement needs serious evaluation...

Visit China, live in China, interact in China, learn the culture of China, before commenting..

Internal problems require internal rectification, foreign internvention and fuel to flames would only further aggrevate matters... When no help is asked for, when no extreme violations are inflicted, moderation is required pertaining to sensitive issues. Furthermore, this is a sovereign situation. Media framing constitutes and contributes in the spread of news, facts, lies, misconceptions, and assumptions. What you see may not necessarily be reality.

Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and may parts of Asia suffered imperialistic colonization. Where do these regions currently stand? Democracies talk about equality and rights, where were these regions' rights then, where are these regions' rights now?

In retrospect, when the Industrial Revolution was in full steam, technology, science and knowledge was limited, this understanding was limited. Now that these fields have been advanced, developing nations are not given the full opportunities to excel. Equality? Europe and North America has much responsibility to shoulder. Understanding history would clearly help. The past two centuries have been more or less, Eurocentric, with power and gains, comes responsibility.

The Olympics, consistently used as a platform for anit-this and anti-that for decades, the exploitation of this window should not be profiteered.

The world we know today suffers from various diseases, the disease of greed, the disease of selfishness, the disease of religion differences, the disease of wared-hope, the disease of environental destruction, and the disease of history... When would we start curing ourselves?

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