Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Luscious Lips........

We have them, coming in different shapes, sizes, angles and colours. We use them for kissing, for speech, and for the ‘natural completion’ of our facial features. Like skin colour, the variety of visual differences, and also the sounds coming out from them, proves to be a criteria for our first-impression judging.

In this corner of the world, where millions of lives survive upon the shared air, water and land, English could be said to be widely spoken. And when English is spoken in any of the eleven nations in this region, it carries its own unique localized flavour with it. Welcome to South East Asia, a combination of colours, smells, flavours and sounds, ranging from jungles and plains to archipelagos and volcanoes. With each locality, comes the differences that could be heard a few kilometers away, sometimes beyond a fenced-border, other times beyond a bridge or two.

This difference requires embracing and understanding, nurturing and commitment, yet many of us chose to ignore the wider picture, by living in our self absorbing and ignorant little circle. In all eleven nations of South East Asia, English could be heard, and in all eleven nations, the accent differs between borders. This difference serves within the framework for our first-impression judging of the other person, and usually serves as one’s best way to determine if the other person would be one that could fit snuggly and comfortably within one’s little circle, or not. Appreciate each other’s accents, and one may have the chance to slowly but eventually better understand the reasons and unchangeable realities that mold each and everyone of us into who and what we are. We are not merely born guilty, we are also born innocent, while there is no balance of the two at birth, there is the choice for better balancing ourselves with age and maturity.

Words are not powerful enough to move a person, it is the person’s own inner-personality and desire that could usefully change his or her decisions in regard to the choice of paths, and how to travel these self-selected paths.

Ambiguity allows imagination, these words of mine are not dictated in a manner for my personal views to be understood, they are for the reader to assume and imagine what my words could mean to them.

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