Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Our Perfect Imperfect-able Society

In our everyday lives, we continue in attempting to master our routines, breathing and living a life we never chose to begin. My friends would know my often used line that we live to die. The eventuality of death offers no comfort, less the religious beliefs. However, we strive on, living out the seconds and years of our lives with goals, objectives and aspirations set solely by our own choice. What affects our choices would be the everything-ness of everything around us, things that tangibly affect us, and also things that don’t.

Someone once said that greed is the root to all evil, personally, I find that quote insufficient, in my perspective, emotions are the root to EVERYTHING. We pride ourselves as the most superior living entity on this planet, our opposing thumbs, analytical brain and tail-less body evolved in such a way that since four decades ago, we were already capable of nuking and destroying everything on the face of this planet. There are those of us who deem ourselves rational and pragmatic, while others are labeled by these rational people as irrational and erratic, and then the cycle goes full circle again. We all have set objectives, goals and desires, and as previously mentioned, these factors are molded out of both personal and extra-personal historical experiences, we then constitute as an individual in a collective society that created, maintains and develop this world we all share.

If acknowledging the fact that we are mere mortals, and not perfect, it is only common sense to further assume that our society could never be perfected. In such an anarchic environment, we must then strive to achieve a balance to satisfy as many as possible. Does religion hold the key? While some would argue that “it is without a doubt that religion is the eventual salvation after our mortal body expires”, others may see it in more scientific light, arguing that religions (of all sorts) are man-made, man-created and man-imagined. I personally offer no views in regard to this argument, because of its contention-able nature, religion should not be argued, but should be embraced. My personal perspective would be to “believe in what you want to believe in, the same way we decide our living mortal fates”. There is no right or wrong, there is only manipulation and exploitation of human emotions to create a fa├žade and ‘belief’ of differing variants.

We live in an imperfect world, and we must accept the fact that nothing could be done about it. What we could do, would be to attempt a better environment around us. To merely look superficially at someone, and judge that person, exemplifies the simplicity of the person himself/herself. Racial and ethnic assumptions are detrimental, not only to society, but also towards the people around those who assume. While ‘person A’ judges another person based upon ethnic or religious appearances and choices, then those who befriend ‘person A’ would either fall into the same category, or would slowly deviate away from ‘person A’ simply because the mental capacity and understanding of ‘person A’ is deemed low.

We shouldn’t be ‘person A’ in this life we live, because we do not want to lose the people around us, nor in a vice-versa situation, be assumed by another ‘person A’.


fallen angel said...

wah..deep deep thinker hor! lol, exam period still can think about life's philosophy, kudos! :)

Hong said...

exam period doesn't mean 24hrs non-stop studying...


tas said...

well, in my opinion, often premises give us boundaries .. but juz wat defines these premises? dont we define them ourselves? like they say, the only thing contant is change.

With regards to wat u said abt 'we live to die', i'd beg to differ.. tho' its undeniable the fact of eventual death, but wont it seem entirely senseless to be living set out for eventual death. its almost like a suicide plan extended in the span of one's lifetime. i'd choose to, instead, think of it as a mission to accomplish the things we set out to do, and only then does death come in as the signal to "mission accomplish". tho' i do understd e fact tht not evryone realises wat they set out to do, some fall short and some dun even get closer to getting there. well, at the end of the day i do feel that it is the experience and the journey tht matters most to me.

In pursuing a perfect society, knowing that flawlessness seems almost impossible in our imperfect world, the impeccable truth is that it in itself is an oxymoron. like bitter-sweet symphony, more often than not we find ourselves in the state of being juxtaposed.

well then, maybe being perfect, or searching for perfectness isnt tht vital, end the end of the day, wat defines perfection? the society that in itself is imperfect? you or me, known to be mere mortals? :D

i find myself geting more and more vague each time.. the notion of my words, content to mere random thoughts.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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