Friday, March 16, 2007

Guantanamo Bay: America's Contradiction

The American foreign policy in our post Cold War contemporary era has emphasized and stressed Human Rights as an important critera for all nation-states and governments.
- To violate Human Rights issues would be result in global condemnation. So when would this global condemnation be turned against the sole hegemon of our modern day era? [wait long long... (a Singaporean slang)]
- Are the Americans "declaring through their actions" that there is a limit to how much Human Rights could and should be given? [u tell me]
- Is the international arena so dependent upon American Benjamins (green bills), New York Stock Exchange, and American Idol that 'stepping up to the plate' would result in your national sovereignty being infringed with a massive military strike? [if u've got oil under ur lawn, watch out]


Operator said...

This write up is freaking profound to a sammyboy forumer! Haha! Kim Meh Operation!

Hong said...

sammyboy forum talks about politics too?! *haha* i thought they only talk about "operation locations"?